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The Rivington Group offers people solutions for businesses of every size. Our methodology and expertise will help you solidify what's working within your culture, repair what's not, and reach your organization's potential through its most valuable resource, its people. We partner with our clients to teach leadership and teamwork tactics, practice effective interactions, and build lasting habits for high performing teams.

What We Do

What We Do

On-Call Chief People Officer

Develop Leaders and Managers

Make Teams Run Better

Manage Cultural Change

On-Call Chief People Officer for Startups and Small Businesses

You have administrative HR functions covered, but now you need occasional strategic people-related expertise. Our On-Call Chief People Officer is just-in-time, and based on an hourly model so you can establish people-centric processes and build a great culture from the start while you focus on the core of your business. We have assisted executives and HR professionals of all industries and have the expertise to help you establish the people-solutions that are right for your unique situation.

CPO services will help you:

  • Create and maintain a strong organizational culture

  • Build a workforce infrastructure that scales as you grow

  • Establish or improve your performance management and recognition system

  • Develop onboarding practices

  • Attract and retain the right talent for your organization

  • Deal with sticky interpersonal issues

This offering is best if:

  • You want to implement the most effective and up-to-date people-practices the first time around and learn from experts who have seen how decisions play out

  • You know people are critically important to your business, but you aren’t ready for a full-time Chief People Officer

  • You're ready for strategic design and advice that goes beyond essential administrative HR functions

  • You need to put in place a people-centric infrastructure, true to your culture, that will scale with your business


Chief People Officer

Strategic People Services


Leaders and Managers

Develop Leaders and Managers

Develop Leaders and Managers

Strong leaders motivate employees and create cohesive high performing teams. Building those leadership abilities requires continuous learning and application, a pursuit which is often overlooked as managers carry out core business functions. We've reinvented leadership development through an on-site approach, providing guidance to leaders and giving them new tools and skills to practice in real time.


Our immersive approach ensures that leaders:

  • Internalize the management expertise required to address issues at the most appropriate level

  • Acquire the ability to drive culture throughout the organization

  • Build effective teams that run smoothly and prioritize well


This offering is best if:

  • Your managers were promoted for their technical expertise and require training on how to lead

  • You need leaders to run their teams effectively so that you can grow the business and focus on your most pressing needs

  • You have good people in place that need practical help motivating others

Making Teams Run Better

Making Teams

Run Better

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Cultural Change

Managing Cultural Change

Organizational changes are happening faster than ever. Shifting priorities, new leadership, mergers, or acquisitions leave many companies simply surviving the constant churn. Our approach to managing change goes beyond communication and training and ensures that behaviors keep pace with organizational change. 


Our approach helps you:

  • Identify the behavioral change required to match your organizational changes

  • Develop strategies for implementing and maintaining behavioral change throughout your organization

  • Train your leadership to embody, manage and teach your organizational culture to their staff and new employees

  • Build and maintain a culture that is able to adapt to future organizational changes


This offering is best if:

  • Your organization is embarking on a change and you need behavior to keep pace

  • Your current culture is not growing with the times

  • You have different cultures within your organization

    • Some teams are higher functioning than others

    • Some teams collaborate better than others

Managing Cultural Change

Making Teams Run Better

Amazing teams are fast, dynamic, and creative, but not all teams naturally form with those qualities. Our focused, embedded approach to making teams better takes on the difficult work of reshaping behavior so that your most critical teams perform like never before. 


Our embedded approach includes:

  • A short, 2-3 month engagement to help teams establish new and lasting patterns of interaction

  • On-the-ground team and individual guidance allowing team members to practice new behaviors in real time

  • Concrete goals, pulse checks, and progress assessments to show improvement in complex dynamics


This offering is best if:

  • People issues are taking up too much of your time

  • You sense your team could be better performing and you want to access untapped potential

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